In December 2010, while a group of squatters takes up an empty building in Paris, Kouka decided to create the first army of Bantu warriors: he paints 77 Bantus on all of the building’s windows in Paris (>> photos). The building is later bought to be turned into a five stars hotel, sealing the fate of the Bantus. Some windows are sold to benefit charities. The others are dismantled, with the help of the Montresso* foundation, meant to live a new life… A testimony of an ephemeral and monumental artwork, the installation of the Bantu warrior was first showed on the Gorée island during the Dakar biennal (>> photos). To continue the way of the Bantus, as a symbol of the return to the African soil of this community, dealing with the present topic of people’s migration as well as brotherhood, Kouka presents his installation now in front of the Montresso* Art Foundation in Morocco. No race, neither cultural, physical, nor social unity… simply BANTUS*. This open window is a symbol of freedom towards a better world.