"Guerriers Bantus de la République", Montresso* 2017


Les "Guerriers Bantus de la République", in Montresso Art Foundation: Video.
To continue the way of the Bantus, as a symbol of the return to the African soil of this community, dealing with the present topic of people’s migration as well as brotherhood, Kouka presents, in 2016, his installation "Les Guerriers Bantus de la République" in front of the Montresso
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December 2010, I painted 77 "Guerriers Bantus" on a building in Paris (>> photos).
Then, the army was dispersed when the building was bought…
May 2016, one of those 77 "Bantus" stands in Goree Island, near the House of Slaves (>> photos).
October, 2016, 6 windows stand up in front of the Montresso* Art Foundation near Marrakech (>> photos)
March 2017, 3 windows are installed in front of the Museum of modern and Contemporary Art of Rabat, MMVI, in the frame of the event "L'Afrique en Capital".

"Here is a human artwork
Emerging from a greater collective adventure
A testimony of an unauthorized art performance
that happened in 2012 on a building facade
near the place de la République in Paris.
This artwork hence represents a memory.
This artwork belongs to the inhabitants of the "Château d'Albatard".
This artwork belongs to the inhabitants of the neighborhood of République.
This is the artwork of all who helped with my commitment
to save the République's Bantus warriors
and to preserve this memory of the past
through the windows of a painted to be future."

> L’Afrique en Capitale: Rabat, 2017
> Dak'Art, Biennal: Goree Island, 2016
> "Les Guerriers Bantus de la Republique", Paris 2011.